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Aviation Snips: Offset M2007



The original Max2000 features Euro-styled ergonomic handles. Textured, solid-colored, molded thermoplastic grips and finger stops compliment a narrower handle opening to fit large or small hands. An ambidextrous, thumb-operated handle latch and replaceable compression spring complete this user-friendly design.

The Max2000 Classic features a wider handle opening and retro styling. Flexible, duo-colored, molded PVC grips and stops, a side-operated handle latch and a torsion-style, piano-wire spring produce the fit and feel of more traditional aviation snip action.

All Max2000 and Max2000 Classic Aviation Snips feature superior hardened blade edges for “maximum” cutting life. Riveted, head-to-handle compound linkage multiplies hand leverage applied by user. Linkage will not rattle or loosen ever! And an easily adjustable pivot bolt, with nylon locking nut, holds its adjustment securely for these hard-working aviation snips.

Catalog # Description Length of Cut in.(mm) Net Weight oz.(g) Capacity Aluminum in.(mm) Capacity Copper in.(mm) Capacity Galvanized Steel in.(mm) Capacity Mild Steel in.(mm) Capacity Stainless Steel in.(mm)
M2007 Offset Aviation, Right 1-1/4 (31.8) 16 (454) 0.062 (1.57) 0.054 (1.37) 0.054 (1.37) 0.048 (1.22) 0.038 (0.97)

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